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Understanding written language.

Since a very early age we take the ability to speak and understand other people for granted, that’s why we never stop and think about the complexity of the functions developed by our brain in order to make it happen.

Creating a robot with the ability to understand natural language is one of the biggest challenges for science nowadays. And we love that! That’s why here at Keepcon we are dedicated to developing advanced technology for natural language comprehension, and we create applications which make administrative work much easier.

Our technology allows us to comprehend user-generated content on the web, in order to moderate and control what's being said. However, there’s a lot to do and the possibilities to apply our knowledge are wide.

A written sentence is composed of multiple fragments that put together create words that convey meaning. Each fragment can have many possible combinations.

She sells seashells by the seashore

Changing the order of words in a sentence alters it’s meaning at the syntactic level.

The seashore sells seashells

Also, the same word can mean different things depending on it’s association to other words.

The beat is hard

They beat him hard

And it gets more complex as people sometimes try to deliberately mask abusive language or use emojis instead of actual words.

Sh3 $ell$ see.s.HELLs by tha seas-hore

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